Xumo.TV brings the channel surfing experience to cord cutters, with content from The History Channel, MSNBC, Fox Sports, and more. And it’s free.

Cord cutting is all about choice, and the more choice you have the better. Xumo.TV isn’t going to replace a cable subscription, but it’s a good thing to have around when you just want to put something on in the background.

There are channels with content from traditional media companies, yes, but also channels with things like cat videos and skateboarding tricks. There’s a lot of stuff here, and once you put something on it will keep going, which is perfect when you just want something on in the background.

You can watch online right now or there are apps for smartphones, Roku, Apple TV, and various smart TVs. Sadly the service is US-only as of this writing, though support for Canada is coming soon according to the official FAQ.

If you like this idea be sure to also check out Pluto.tv, which brings channel surfing to cord cutters. Having a couple services like this on hand makes finding something to watch a lot easier. Enjoy!

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