That’s my actual birthday, I swear.

You know how Steam constantly asks you to confirm your age, even though did that a few days ago? That’s not stopping any time soon.

A Valve statement earlier today mentions this prompt, and states that Steam can’t get rid of these warnings because of “rating agencies.” The relevant bit is at the bottom, in the FAQ:

Q: Why do you KEEP asking my damn age throughout the store?

A: We’re with you on this. Unfortunately, many rating agencies have rules that stipulate that we cannot save your age for longer than a single browsing session. It’s frustrating, but know we’re filling out those age gates too.

Valve does not specify which ratings agencies require this, and I can’t think of any other app stores that require this just to look at product pages here in the United States. It’s possible that ratings agencies in some countries require users to re-enter the data frequently, and Steam uses the same requirements everywhere just to be consistent. I’m not sure, but this makes it seem like Valve doesn’t intend to change the policy anytime soon.

Good thing they ask about age, though, because no kid would ever be able to get past a system that foolproof. Unrelated: I wonder how many people who fill out these forms happen to be born on January 1 of some random year.

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