2018 is not the Year of the Linux Desktop—at least so far as Valve is concerned. Last month the company behind Steam quietly removed references to Steam Machines from their website.

Here’s liamdawe, writing on the Gaming On Linux forum:

Previously on Steam, if you hovered over the Hardware category there was a Steam Machines link in the drop-down, which is now gone while the links to the Steam Controller, Steam Link and Vive remain. In fact, the entire Hardware page on Steam is now gone and anyone using the link (http://store.steampowered.com/hardware/) is redirected to a basic search page.

If you’re not sure what a Steam Machine is, you’re not alone: it was mostly a non-story outside of Linux circles. Basically Valve built a Linux-based operating system called SteamOS, which could launch Steam titles that supported the platform. Valve then encouraged OEMs to sell console-like computers that ran the operating system.

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That dream seems to have quietly died this month, which makes sense: sales for Stream Machines were not impressive. We’re sure Linux gamers are disappointed, whether they bought a box or not, because for a while there SteamOS prompted developers to make Linux versions of games.

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