With version 70, Chrome got a nifty new picture-in-picture feature. While cool, its use is pretty much limited to YouTube, but thanks to a new Chrome extension you can use pip on any site that has video.

The extension, elegantly called Picture-in-Picture, comes from Chrome developer and evangelist François Beaufort, who shared the details on the not-long-for-this-world Google+. It’s also open source, so you can dig through the code if you’re the inquisitive type.

To install the extension, head here, click on Add To Chrome, then confirm in the pop-up. So easy.

Once installed, an icon will show up in the Chrome shortcuts bar that enables pip with a single click.

It’s right there

So if you’re watching a movie trailer on IMDb, which doesn’t normally support picture-in-picture, go ahead and give that button a click-a-roo. Now float that trailer on top of anything you want. And it should work on any other site with video, too. Nice.

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