Remember Stumble Upon? You pressed a button to be taken to a random website, which was a blast back in the early 2000s.

The novelty has worn off in the age of social media, so Stumble Upon is shutting down as of June 30. The StumbleUpon home page currently pushes people toward Mix, a related service that integrates with your social networks, but you can still give StumbleUpon itself one last spin.

Instead of clicking the “Join Mix” button, click the almost-hidden “Login” at top-right.

This will bring up the login form. If you connected StumbleUpon to your Google or Facebook account you should be able to get in quickly, otherwise I hope you can remember your 15-year-old username and password.

Just like that you’re in, finding random websites like it’s 2005.

StumbleUpon will keep running until June 30, after which it’s gone forever. Be sure to give this a spin before then, if only for the nostalgia value.


It’s pretty obvious StumbleUpon wasn’t relevant in 2018—I havne’t used it in over a decade. Still, it’s still sad to see another piece of the early web bit the dust.

Here’s Garret Camp, creator of the site, writing on Medium:

Creating StumbleUpon has been an amazing experience. It was the first project I worked on back in college in 2002. I have personally clicked the stumble button hundreds of thousands of times, and learned a lot in the process. But it’s now time to focus on the future, and create the next discovery platform that will uncover hidden gems we would never think to search for.

Camp hopes Mix is that service, and we’ll see if that turns out. Fans of the classic StumbleUpon can check out, which points to all kinds of dumb stuff in exactly the way I remember Stumble Upon doing.

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