Assertive language help you get points across, but it doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Auto-replace features can help.

Jilly Duffy, writing for Zapier, outlines how an employee there used auto-replace to switch our or remove wishy washy phrases and words. To quote some examples:

  • Does that make sense? becomes Let me know your thoughts!
  • I will try becomes I will
  • stupid question becomes question
  • In my opinion is deleted
  • sort of is deleted

You get the idea. This requires some self-reflection on your part: you need to know which phrases are undercutting you, then set up a replacement for them. But once you set it up you’ll see the replacements automatically, then remember the goals you set for yourself.

Duffy’s article outlines how to accomplish this on a Mac with Alfred. On Windows Phrase Express is a decent option that’s free for personal use.

Think of some things you’d like to stop saying, then set up software to automatically stop you from saying it. If only this could work when I’m talking out loud.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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