Are you ready to dance, or at least howl? Good, because Ubuntu 19.04 is named Disco Dingo. It’s just the latest in a series of animal-themed Linux distribution releases from Canonical.

As OMG! Ubuntu spotted, Ubuntu 19.04 has now been officially dubbed “Disco Dingo.” This version of Ubuntu will be released in April, 2019. This is the next release after Ubuntu 18.10 “Cosmic Cuttlefish,” which was released earlier this month.

We don’t really know much about what features Ubuntu 19.04 will contain, but it’s already a winning release in our books. While this is an especially awesome name, it fits Ubuntu’s policy of of names that combine an adjective and an animal name, both starting with the same letter.

Here’s a full history of Ubuntu’s animal-themed release names:

  • Warty Warthog (4.10)
  • Hoary Hedgehog (5.04)
  • Breezy Badger (5.10)
  • Dapper Drake (6.06 LTS)
  • Edgy Eft (6.10)
  • Feisty Fawn (7.04)
  • Gutsy Gibbon (7.10)
  • Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS)
  • Intrepid Ibex (8.10)
  • Jaunty Jackalope (9.04)
  • Karmic Koala (9.10)
  • Lucid Lynx (10.04 LTS)
  • Maverick Meerkat (10.10)
  • Natty Narwhal (11.04)
  • Oneiric Ocelot (11.10)
  • Precise Pangolin (12.04 LTS)
  • Quantal Quetzal (12.10)
  • Raring Ringtail (13.04)
  • Saucy Salamander (13.10)
  • Trusty Tahr (14.04 LTS)
  • Utopic Unicorn (14.10)
  • Vivid Vervet (15.04)
  • Wily Werewolf (15.10
  • Xenial Xerus (16.04 LTS)
  • Yakkery Yak (16.10)
  • Zesty Zapus (17.04)
  • Artful Aardvark (17.10)
  • Bionic Beaver (18.04 LTS)
  • Cosmic Cuttlefish (18.10)

The next release will start with an “E.” It’ll be fun seeing what that name turns out to be. “Effervescent Eagle,” perhaps?

Image Credit: Saturday Night Fever, Henry Whitehead/Wikimedia Commons

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