Windows 10: The latest version of Ubuntu, 18.04, is now available in the Microsoft store, giving you up-to-date versions of all your favorite Bash shell commands.

We’ve shown you how to install and use the Linux bash shell in Windows 10, and you’ll need to follow the instructions there to get this working.

Until now only Ubuntu 16.04 was offered in the Microsoft Store. The new version does not replace 16.04, and has a separate listing, meaning you could in theory install them both (alongside openSUSE and Fedora if you really want to go nuts.)

Here’s Tara Raj, writing in an official Microsoft blog post:

You might be asking why there are a couple different Ubuntu apps and what we plan to do with those. The Ubuntu apps you see in the Store are published by Canonical. We partner with them to release the apps and test them on WSL. As per Canonical’s LTS schedule, both Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 are supported for 3 years. Keeping this overlap in support in mind, “Ubuntu” is still 16.04 and “Ubuntu 18.04” is as named. We will be Updating the Store descriptions and such shortly.

It’s a little confusing that two versions of Ubuntu are in the Store, but pushing an update on everyone would almost certainly break things. This way people can decide to switch versions when they want to.

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