Your Uber driver literally knows where you live, and they can look it up if they forget. Uber is considering changing the second point.

Uber drivers can currently scroll through their driver history and see the exact places they picked up and dropped off people. Drivers can access this information even if you delete your Uber account. This has enabled stalking and other violations of privacy by drivers.

Now Uber is obscuring the exact drop-off and pickup information for some drivers as part of a pilot program, showing a general area instead of the exact location.

Here’s Kate Conger, writing for Gizmodo:

Women have spoken out for years about creepy experiences with drivers on various ride-hailing platforms who used the phone numbers and addresses provided through the app to stalk or harass women. Obscuring addresses will give riders an extra layer of protection. The change will also help Uber comply with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, which requires tech companies to allow users to delete their data but also requires companies to give users access to their own data.

Note that this is a trial, and Uber may or may not make this policy standard in the future. If this is something that worries you consider walking a few blocks from your house to meet with cars from now on.

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