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Nintendo launched the NES Classic in 2016, and then the SNES Classic last year, so it only makes sense that 2018 would bring us the N64 Classic Mini, right? Whether it’s true or not, we’re already excited.

We have no idea if these images are real or fake, but over on Twitter the Nacho & Pistacho account claims that they have real leaked images showing a Nintendo 64 Classic Mini:

So far nobody has been able to confirm anything, and a lot of commenters are saying that the NINTENDO font should be grey instead of white as shown in the leaked images. For instance, here’s a stock picture of the normal Nintendo 64:

There is also some debate about how the controllers connect, with people saying that it’s too fragile… but it doesn’t look much more fragile than my SNES Classic, which has a tiny piece of very breakable plastic holding the front cover on. And the controller ports look exactly the same.

There’s also the fact that last year, Nintendo filed a trademark for what appears to be a new n64 controller, which means it’s very likely that even if these renders aren’t the real thing, the N64 Classic Mini is going to show up at some point soon one way or the other.

Now the main question is whether 8BitDo is going to release a wireless N64 style controller, because I’m going to need one of those.

[via Wccftech]

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