Facebook’s “On This Day” is mostly harmless nostalgia, but every once and a while it dredges up painful memories. You can stop this by manually excluding certain dates and people.

Whether it’s an ex-boyfriend, or just a jerk you’d rather not think about ever again, there are some people you’d rather Facebook not remind you of. And there are some days, like the passing of a loved one, that cutesy social media features just shouldn’t be highlighting. Sadly it’s on you to prevent this.

Head to Facebook.com/OnThisDay, the click the Preferences button.

From here you can add dates and people you’d rather not be reminded of.

It would be ideal if this wasn’t necessary, but better to deal with this now than have something painful dredged up for you later. Thanks to Rashida Davison for pointing this out on Facebook.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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