If you’re both a Spotify and a Hulu user, stay tuned: a $13 a month could get you both services by summer. A deal previously limited to students will soon be available for everyone.

Hulu’s Limited Commercials plan normally costs $8 a month, while Spotify costs $10, so this deal could save you $5 a month. The downside: it reportedly won’t be possible to use this deal for Hulu’s commercial free option.

Sarah Perez, writing for Tech Crunch, points out this is all part of the larger competition playing out between Spotify, Apple and Amazon:

Video will soon be critical for Spotify, given Apple’s forthcoming plans for a TV subscription service that’s filled with high-quality original video. That service, rumors suggest, will be sold as part of an Apple Music subscription or even ship with iOS. Spotify also has to compete with Prime Music, a perk for Prime members which includes access to over 2 million on-demand songs.

We talked back in October about the Amazon Prime-ification of everything. Amazon’s $10 a month bundle gives you a little bit of everything: movies, music, cloud storage, free shipping…the list goes on. Other tech companies—from Microsoft to Google to Apple—are copying that model with their own bundles. Spotify needs to do something similar, or become irrelevant, and this is a decent first step.

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We can’t help but wonder, though: how long until these sorts of deals resemble the cable bundles everyone claims to hate so much?

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