Sony announced that they will begin testing a name-change feature later this year. Gamers who are signed up for the PlayStation Preview Program will have access to name changes in November of this year, but regular users will have to wait until early 2019.

There hasn’t been a way to change your PSN ID since the PlayStation Network was launched in 2006. Gamers who have been stuck with an embarrassing name for more than a decade (or in my case, about a month) will have the option to change their PSN ID an unlimited number of times. But, only the first name-change is free. Regular players will be charged $9.99 for subsequent name-changes, and PlayStation Plus members will be charged $4.99.

Gamers who want to change their name without confusing their friends will have the option to display their previous PSN ID alongside their new one. But players who choose to display their old and new names together are stuck with their choice. Sony indicates that there’s no way to toggle an old name on and off.

Sony claims that name changes may cause “issues” with certain games, and only games published after April 1st, 2018 are guaranteed to work perfectly with name changes. Players have the option to revert to their original PSN ID if they run into compatibility issues or simply miss the person that they used to be.

Source: PlayStation
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