Amazon just launched Alexa Blueprints, meaning you can create custom responses for your Echo and also set up a bunch of personalized games.

The new interface, which reminds me of IFTTT, offers a bunch of templates to quickly create custom Alexa skills. The most straight-forward, “Custom Q&A,” lets you set a specific answer to any question you want, so get started writing those joke answers.

You can also design trivia games, adventure stories, and provide information for your house guests. The interface is pretty straight forward, so if you’re an Echo user I’d say just jump right in.

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What this can’t do is combine multiple commands into a single launch phrase. If that’s what you’re interested in look into creating Alexa Routines instead, because that’s a lot more powerful. But if you just want to mess around and quickly create something fun, Blueprints is worth a look.

Alexa Blueprints via TechCrunch

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