Windows/Android/iPhone: Send and receive SMS messages on your PC, and access all the files on your phone without taking it out of your pocket.

That’s what Your Phone, an application Microsoft will include with future version of Windows 10, will offer. Insider Preview users should have access soon.

Here’s Emil Protalinski, writing for Venture Beat:

As its name implies, Your Phone’s main purpose is to let you access your phone’s content—like text messages, photos, and notifications—right on your Windows 10 PC. One use case Microsoft mentioned sounds particularly promising: being able to drag and drop your phone’s photos into a document on your PC without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

Your Phone will offer other features, like access to all of your phone’s notifications.

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This isn’t the first time Microsoft promised this sort of functionality: Cortana was slated to offer similar functionality back in 2015, and it only ever partially materialized. So it might not make sense to wait around for this feature. Happily Pushbullet syncs all kinds of stuff between your PC and Android phone right now, and is pretty easy to set up, so you don’t really have to wait if this is something you really, really want.

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