Remember playing around with wobbly windows in Linux? That animation, and a few more, might be coming back soon.

Linux users loved playing with Compiz, a window manager that added all kinds of animations to the Linux desktop. Perhaps the most famous were the wobbly windows, which brought a tactile feel to moving windows around. It was great fun.

Now Sam Spilsbury, who once led the Compiz project, is hoping to bring the effects to modern Linux distros with a new project called libanimation. Here’s Joey Sneddon, writing for OMG Ubuntu:

The ‘libanimation‘ project aims to implement wobbly windows and other effects on the modern Linux desktop in a way that lets third-party window managers use them.

We’re talking window animations like zoom, bounce, glide, and—be still my beating heart—the ‘magic lamp‘ minimizing effect.

This project won’t be usable for a while, and the goals are modest, but it would be neat to see these animations on Linux again.

Compiz, of course, did way more than a few animations. I can’t help but think about how freaking fun it was to play with Compiz back in the day, when I should have been doing my homework. You can get a sense of what it was like by watching YouTube videos from the time, uploaded by users who just knew they had the coolest computers in the world. Here’s one such video from 2008, showing the wobbly windows in action:

Here’s a more elaborate setup from 2010, showing a bunch of different customizations:

And here’s one with unnecessary fire and rain drops for some reason:

Search YouTube sometime if you want to see more. There are a lot.

The upcoming project is light on gimmicks, focusing on a few animations. Modern hardware is going to make it look so much better, and I kind of can’t wait to play with it.

Screenshot credit: Destin

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