Re-Live the 90s with the Windows 3.1 File Manager, Now Available for Windows 10

Windows File Manager is now open source; you can download it now or check out the source code. Even the help file is included.

Is this useful as a file manager? No: stick to Windows Explorer. But the sheer nostalgia makes Windows File Manager worth a download. It’s a fascinating look at how Windows software used to look and feel, and it’s kind of amazing that it runs at all. Here’s Tom Warren, writing for The Verge:

It’s a testament to the backward compatibility of Windows itself, especially since this was originally included in Windows more than 20 years ago.

There certainly isn’t any Mac software from 20 years ago that runs on modern devices, and no mobile OS is anywhere close to that old.

Give Windows File Manager a spin, if only for the memories. And if you like that, here’s how to grab Space Cadet Pinball and run it on Windows 10. You know you want to.

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