Disabling third party app permissions in Facebook is faster than ever, thanks to a new bulk remove option. Head to App Settings, check apps you don’t want to provide permission anymore, then click “Remove.”

We’ve shown you how to remove third party apps from your Facebook account before this update, but removing permissions for multiple apps was tedious. You needed to click the “X” next to every app, then click “Remove” in a confirmation window. The new method means only one confirmation to remove multiple apps, which means you really have no excuse not to clean things out. Immediately.

As Josh Constine outlines writing for TechCrunch, this change is a compromise of sorts:

Facebook stopped short of offering a “select all” button so you have to tap each individually. That could prevent more innocent, respectful developers from getting caught up in the dragnet as users panic to prune their app connections. One developer told me they’d been inundated with requests from users to delete their data acquired through Facebook and add other login options, saying that the Cambridge Analytica scandal “really hurt consumer trust for all apps…even the good guys.” The developer chose to change its Terms of Service to make users more comfortable.

Head to the Facebook App Settings page right now to get started removing apps, but be careful not to remove anything you use regularly.

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