If you’re an Amazon Prime member who takes advantage of the company’s “No Rush” promotion, you may want to take a look at your credits—there’s a chance they could be expiring tomorrow.

What Are “No Rush” Credits?

It’s no secret that one of the biggest appeals of Amazon Prime is the free two-day shipping. But what many users may not realize is that the company will reward Prime customers for choosing slower shipping. These rewards come as digital promotions—discounts on eBooks, cheaper movies on Instant Video, free Prime Now shipping, and lots of others.

When you’re going through the checkout process for a regular purchase that you won’t need immediately, choose the “Free No-Rush Shipping” option. The amount of the credit is at the bottom. Once the item ships, the credit is added to your No Rush Credits, where you can use them on digital items.

If you click the “Details” button, it will also let you know when the credit will expire. If you want to check out the fine print for these rewards (because there’s always fine print), head here.

How to Check Your No Rush Reward Credits

If you have No Rush Credits and want to check the expiration date, you can easily do so by following this link. This is also where you’ll go to see if you have any credits in the first place, but the odds are if you didn’t know about this program before today, you wouldn’t have anything waiting for you. Sorry.

It’s worth noting that a lot of users are reporting that they have credits expiring tomorrow, November 2nd, which gives you today to use them. So check it out, and don’t lose out on something free!

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