Today, Pocket announced a design overhaul that improves its text-to-speech function. The update improves the app’s listening feature, freeing users from sitting still and staring at their phones. Articles can be added to lists that are played through automatically, effectively turning your Pocket list into a podcast playlist.

If you’ve used the app in the past, then you know how quickly it can turn from an organized bookmarking service into a dumping ground for websites that you will never revisit. The improved text-to-speech function should make it easier for users to work through their saved articles and webpages, especially because it can be used in the car, at the gym, in the kitchen, or any other place where reading is dangerous. Pocket has mentioned that they will release an Amazon Alexa skill for their “listen” function, which would allow users to listen through their Pocket collection without pulling out their phone or sitting at a computer.

The read-it-later service has been focused on convenience and entertainment since Mozilla acquired it last year. Previous updates to the app introduced sponsored and recommended content based on a user’s interest. The new “listen” feature mimics the button layout and usability of podcast and music apps, encouraging users to treat Pocket like a source of entertainment, rather than a glorified bookmark app.

Source: Pocket

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