Plex now offers a “Web Shows” feature in certain versions of their interface, providing access to shows from brands like TWiT, GQ, and Popular Science.

The new section, available in the web version of Plex, comes just months after the Plex launched a podcast directory. Both features work even if users do not set up a Plex server.

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But while the Podcasts feature offered most everything you could imagine right out of the gate, Web Shows is lacking. There are 69 shows listed right now, and 19 of those are TWiT podcasts in video form. Not exactly a replacement for Netflix or YouTube, but a start. Here’s Plex’s video pitch for the feature:

Other shows offered include Epic Meal Time, ASAPscience, Household Hacker, People are Awesome, and The Pet Collective.

The interesting thing to me here is that this feature doesn’t require a Plex server, or anything other than an account. This combined with the Podcasts and News feature suggest to me the company would like to move users beyond the server-client model and start using features controlled by Plex directly. It makes sense: Plex Servers are more-or-less pirate havens, and presumably Plex would like to shed that reputation and start working with entertainment companies directly.

This is probably part of why Plex killed the plugin directory last week—the company doesn’t want to be perceived as a piracy application like Kodi (unfairly) is. It will be interesting to see if this ongoing pivot works, and to what extent the current user base goes along with it.

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