Imagine a game that requires you learn the basics of programming to even play. That’s Robot Odyssey, an educational game from 1984, and it’s free to play right now at

The game seems simple enough: you need to escape Robotopolis with the help of three robots, who you’ll need to program by re-wiring in order to solve puzzles.

David Auerbach, writing for Slate, called it the hardest computer game of all time:

Let me say: Any kid who completes this game while still a kid…is guaranteed a career as a software engineer. Hell, any adult who can complete this game should go into engineering. Robot Odyssey is the hardest damn “educational” game ever made. It is also a stunning technical achievement, and one of the most innovative games of the Apple IIe era.

Sound like a challenge? Dive in now, and let us know how you do.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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