Philips Hue has added a new feature in its app that now allows users to prevent their Hue lights from turning on automatically after a power outage.

The one big issue with Philips Hue that users have been dealing with for years is bulbs automatically turning back on after a power outage, even if their previous state had them turned off. This means that if your home experiences a power outage at 3 AM, all of your Hue lights will kick back on at full brightness, blinding you into oblivion in the middle of the night for no good reason.

Luckily, there’s a setting that fixes this, and it’s optional—so if you still control your Hue lights with the analog wall switch like a barbarian, you’ll probably want to leave the setting alone. But if you’re tired of being blinded at 3 AM, you can make it stop.

The new feature can be accessed by tapping on the “Settings” tab in the lower-right corner on the main screen, and then selecting “Power-On Behavior.”

If all of the bulbs say “Not Supported,” then you’ll need to run a software update first (also within the Settings menu). Otherwise, tap on a bulb to change its power-on behavior.

You’ll have two options: “Philips Hue Default,” which means the lights turn on with power removal and restoration, and then “Power Loss Recovery,” which switches the bulb to the last-used state it was in before it lost power.

Source: Philips Hue via 9to5Mac

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