Half of new content on Netflix next month is a Netflix Original. Welcome to the future of online TV.

Netflix has long planned for a library that’s half original content, and two years later the production engine is up and running. This is the second month in a row where more than half of new content on the site is Original.

As much as anything, this is about survival. Big media companies want to launch their own streaming services, and step one is pulling their shows from Netflix. Here’s Luke Bouma, writing for Cord Cutters News:

Although Netflix may not have over 50% of their catalog as Netflix originals, it is quickly moving in that direction.

Late last year FOX pulled most of their programs from Netflix. Now Disney has also announced plans to pull most of their programming from Netflix. (Their Netflix Marvel deal is still in place well after 2019.)

So the long term game, for Netflix, is to get enough people hooked on enough Original shows to keep them subscribed after the traditional media companies start their own sites. It’s going to be interesting.

For consumers, however, this kind of sucks. Cord cutting is going to lose its luster pretty fast if you need to subscribe to six different services just to watch all the shows you want.

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