If you’re a cord cutter, you already have a few different options to watch free, ad-supported movies. Not to be outdone, YouTube is also joining the fray.

While less-than-legal movies on YouTube are something the company has tried to combat for many years, this new way is legal, high quality, and offers a decent selection of movies.

YouTube’s Free to Watch section is available to watch on any device that supports YouTube playback, which includes most smart TVs, set top boxes and video game consoles. The movies aren’t super recent, but there are a variety of genres, including kids movies. With Thanksgiving coming this week, it’s great to be able to entertain the whole family without spending any money.

If you do want to spend a little money, the experience gets even better. YouTube Premium lets you watch YouTube without seeing any ads, and that includes these free movies. YouTube Premium goes for $12 per month, and includes other benefits like unlimited music streaming with YouTube Music (or Google Play Music), being able to play videos in the background or when the screen in off, and downloading certain videos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like any of these free movies can be downloaded for offline playback, so you’ll need to keep an Internet connection to stream them.

Outside of YouTube, other free options include The Roku Channel, which offers even more movies and TV shows and is available on the web, smartphones, and Roku devices. That has a different catalog than YouTube does, so there’s no harm in mixing and matching depending on what your household wants to watch.

If you haven’t subscribed to YouTube Premium before, you can get a one-month free trial. With the holidays coming up, that makes for an easy way to keep the whole family entertained!

via The Verge

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