Someone is claiming to sell a 32GB SD card on Google Play. Seriously.

It’s a mobile variation of the “Download More RAM!” scheme common in the early 2000s, but the surprising thing here is that Google ever allowed it on the Play store in the first place. I hope it’s taken down soon.

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Here it is, if you’re interested, but please don’t install it. The description is a jumbled mess, but eventually it gets around to this false claim:

…this app give you 32 GB sd card Free to use on your phone for more space storage.

Yeah…that’s not possible. At all. Adding to the confusion are the reviews:

It’s honestly hard to tell if these are fake reviews planted by the developer or joke reviews mocking this app for existing, The effect is the same for users who aren’t tech savvy, giving this app high ratings and a sense of legitimacy. This app really needs to be pulled from the Play Store.

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