Parents: you can now set YouTube Kids to only show videos verified to be kid-friendly by an actual human being.

The setting is opt-in: you have toggle the “Approved content only” option for each of your children under “My Kids.” Once you do the YouTube Kids app will be limited only to videos confirmed as kid friendly by a human reviewer.

YouTube is littered with creepy pseudo kid friendly videos, often involving famous cartoon charactes. These can be downright horrific, from Peppa the Pig getting shot by the police to Minnie Mouse being chased by zombies (above). YouTube Kids was supposed to filter these out, but that’s not the case, which is a problem—hence this new setting.

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Here’s Sarah Perez, writing for Tech Crunch

…as any parent will tell you, even one bad video is one too many.

A single viewing of a scary video can lead to weeks of nightmares; and videos with bad language or mature subject matter are just as awful, from a parent’s perspective.

It’s a good point, and you’ve got a way to avoid this now. Your kids won’t have access to as much content as before, but it’s better than them accidentally seeing Spider Man and Elsa going on a shooting spree, or whatever other crap people are uploading to cash in on views from kids.

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