Google says you’ll never have to use your camera flash again with the Night Sight feature on the Pixel 3. Night Sight uses machine learning to automatically make low-light photos look better.

This seems like a better alternative to the old-school camera flash, which is never great. While a camera flash can add some light to the scene, it doesn’t result in a natural-looking picture and there are many situations where a bright camera flash just isn’t appropriate.

Google showed this off with an extreme low-light photo shot on Apple’s new iPhone XS and an almost identical one shot on the upcoming Pixel 3. It’s very difficult to see the people in the iPhone XS photo, but the whole scene is easy to see on the Pixel 3 photo.

Google is using machine learning to automatically guess the correct colors for the photo based on the contents of the scene, and it looks like it works really well. Google says Night Sight means the Pixel 3 has “the best low-light camera.”

Night Sight will arrive on the Pixel 3 “next month,” which means November, 2018. Even better: Google is adding Night Sight to older Pixel phones, too. We look forward to trying it out.

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