Microsoft and Nintendo are best buddies. Okay, not really, but Nintendo did put an ad today in which Xbox and Nintendo Switch owners share some Minecraft adventures.

The ad promotes the fact that crossplay is now available between the two platforms. Cute, right? But behind those underwater voxel adventures is a dis on another company entirely: Sony.

To explain let’s talk about Fortnight. It’s the biggest game in the world right now, and last week launched on the Nintendo Switch. Millions of Switch owners tried to log into their Fortnight accounts, but anyone who ever played Fortnight on a Playstation got an error message, seen above.

This is frustrating, and it’s something that Sony keeps doing. On purpose. Which brings us back to the Switch ad. Here’s Rachel Kaser, writing for The Next Web

Okay, so the trailer doesn’t mention Sony directly, but it’s not hard to see the meaning behind the “Better Together” tagline. If Microsoft and Nintendo are the two kids who’ve started politely toddling around together on the playground, Sony is the one sitting alone on the swings.

This divide is by no means restricted to Minecraft. Sony also reportedly refused to allow crossplay with Rocket League—an executive with developer Psyonix told Polygon there were no technical problems preventing it from happening, only a “political barrier.”

Again: this is on purpose. It’s hard to imagine what Sony thinks they’re gaining from intentionally making their console less useful.

But I do know one thing: making Microsoft and Nintendo look consumer friendly by comparison is quite the trick to pull off. Honestly I’m impressed.

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