Microsoft is killing off the “desktop” version of OneNote, and recommends people use the Windows 10 version instead.

Confused? Well, Microsoft offers two different versions of Office, which extended to OneNote. There’s the “desktop” version, which came with Microsoft Office 2016 and was also available as a free download, and the “Windows 10” version, which you can get free in the Microsoft Store.

For Office 2019, coming out later this year, Microsoft will not be creating a desktop version of OneNote—users are instead encouraged to use the Microsoft Store version. Which makes sense: Microsoft has been adding new features to the Windows Store version in recent years, leaving the desktop version slightly out-of-date.

But there’s one key feature the Windows 10 version of OneNote doesn’t offer: local notebook storage. OneNote for Windows 10 syncs notebooks directly with OneDrive, and doesn’t really let you decide where notebooks are located on your file system. If this is a dealbreaker for you know that Microsoft will keep offering security updates for OneNote 2016, so you could just keep using that. You’ll miss out on new features, though.

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