If you’ve been enjoying macOS Mojave’s chill dark mode, Microsoft has you covered with the addition of a similar option for its Office apps on the operating system.

Microsoft Office product manager Akshay Bakshi took to Twitter this week to reveal the new dark mode feature for the productivity suite, advising inquisitive Twitter users that Insiders would be getting the feature first (“by next week at the latest”), and everyone else at a later date.

This new dark mode option for Office on Mac comes after Windows 10 and Outlook.com adopted similar looks, as it appears Microsoft has finally realized that not everyone wants to look at a bright white layout every second of the day while being productive. It should be rolling out to everyone shortly, if you can’t wait for all of your productivity apps to start matching.

The macOS’s system-wide Mojave dark mode does an excellent job of turning its own apps a nice shade of black with text colors that pop against the dark backgrounds. Now you can write your next masterpiece in Microsoft Office without having to worry about harming your eyes with the bright, crisp whites of your computer screen. Comfort is king, after all.

via The Verge