You’re not going crazy: Google’s Keep is now called “Keep Notes” on your Android home screen, despite it being called “Google Keep” everywhere else.

Keep is great for frustration-free notetaking, but it’s hard to discover. Unlike the Notes app on iPhone there’s no way to figure out what Keep does without opening it and playing around. The name “Keep” doesn’t suggest this is a note taking app, and the lightbulb logo doesn’t clarify things.

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It’s not clear how new Android users are supposed to discover Keep, which is probably why Google is putting the word “Notes” in the name now, five years after launch. The change is only on Android, though.

Here’s Abner Li, writing for 9to5Google:

Version 5.0.371.03 of Google Keep began rolling out on Monday and it extends the name of the Android app to “Keep Notes.” This tiny rebrand is visible on the home screen icon, launcher, and Android’s App Info page in system settings.

The web app still refers to the service as Google Keep, while the Play Store listing has yet to be updated either. “Keep Notes” somewhat appears on the side panel add-ons visible in Gmail, Google Calendar, and Docs.

So Keep now has a different name depending on where you look, which is pretty confusing but also pretty typical of Google. This is the same company that offers four different todo list apps, after all.

Keep probably should have been called “Google Notes” back in 2013, but changing things completely now would be confusing. Using the name “Keep Notes” on Android is a clumsy compromise, but a workable one.

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