Phone addiction is a big deal lately, and Apple has heard this loud and clear: iOS 12 will include a handful of new features to help with phone addiction.

First off, there’s Do Not Disturb During Bedtime, which hides all notifications. That way, whenever you activate your iPhone’s screen to see what time it is, it won’t show you all of the notifications that end up distracting you when you should be sleeping. And then when you wake up, your iPhone will ease you into your day and allow you to choose when you want to see all those notifications that came in overnight.

Another new feature is grouped notifications, and as the name applies, your notifications can not only be grouped by apps, but also by topic, thread, etc. And perhaps most importantly, grouped notifications will allow you to swipe and clear a whole group of notifications all at once.

The real meat and bones of Apple’s phone addiction features is what they’re calling ScreenTime, which comes with a whole host of features, including “Reports”. This will give you a weekly activity summary that details how you used your iPhone or iPad for the week—how much time you’re spending on your device, what apps you’re using the most, how often per hour you’re picking up your phone, which apps are sending the most notifications, and more.

There’s also “App Limits”, which will allow you to limit usage to certain apps by setting a time limit and and receive alerts when that time is almost up. From there, you’ll get blocked when you’ve met the limit (although it can be easily bypassable). You can also use this feature on your kids’ phones as a parental control of sorts, by limiting usage on their phones and create “Allowances”. You can also create time windows where your kids won’t be able to use their phones at all.

Apple also announced some other small related features, like setting end times for Do Not Disturb when you leave a location or when event ends, as well as adjusting notification settings for apps right from the Notification Center (without going into the Settings).

All of these new features will be available in iOS 12 later this year.

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