A new default setting could stop law enforcement—and criminals—from unlocking your iPhone or iPad using specialized hardware.

The developer beta for iOS 12 includes a option under Preferences > Touch ID & Passcode called USB Accessories. Turned on by default, this setting prevents USB devices from connecting to your phone unless you’ve entered your passcode in the past hour. This is relevant because GrayKey, the specialized hardware used by law enforcement to bypass iPhone passcodes, connects devices via USB. Denying access without a passcode could cripple that tool and others like it.

Which is to say this is the next step in Apple’s cat and mouse game with law enforcement. It’s safe to say law enforcement officials won’t be thrilled with this change, but from the user’s perspective this setting helps keep your phone secure.

Of course, the feature might not ship at all. Motherboard reports that betas for iOS 11.3 and 11.4 both included this same feature only for the final versions of each to not include it. But if this does ship you can expect the cat and mouse game to continue.

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