Need to quickly get to the rightmost tab? Press Ctrl-9, or Command-9 if you’re on a Mac. This works in every major browser, no matter how many tabs you have open.

You probably know you can press control and a number to quickly jump between tabs—Ctrl-1 takes you to the first tab; Ctrl-2, the second; and so on. But Ctrl-9 is different: it takes you to the rightmost tab, not the ninth, which is very useful when you’re managing dozens of tabs.

Maybe you knew this. I didn’t, and it’s blowing my mind. I tested this in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari—every one of them supports this feature. If you regularly  have way too many browser tabs open (and I know you do) you’re going to want to remember this one.

There are more keyboard shortcuts that work well in all browsers, so check those out. Maybe one will be as big a revelation to you as this one was to me.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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