Stardew Valley, the one-man passion project and spiritual successor to 16-bit farming simulators like Harvest Moon, is now available on iOS. The game became a surprise hit on the PC and has since spread to every major console.

Pixel farmers can now get their fix on iPhones and iPads for a reasonable $7.99, a bit more than half of the price of the game on PC and consoles. Thanks to low-fi graphics and a slow, steady pace of planting crops and gathering resources, Stardew Valley makes for a great touchscreen experience.

The RPG-like system has you planting and harvesting crops, raising animals, diving into caves for resources and monster battles, and even romancing some prospects from the local town to start a family. The game’s wide-open approach means players can be as energetic or as sedate as they like.

The iOS version of Stardew Valley includes most of the story and usability tweaks that have been added to the PC and console versions over the last two and a half years, but notably lacks multiplayer functionality introduced in the full version in August. The developer hasn’t said whether multiplayer will be coming to the mobile release. Game saves from the PC version (but not consoles) can be transferred over to iPhones or iPads.

An Android version of Stardew Valley has been confirmed by the game’s developer, but a specific release date has not been announced.

Source: App Store via 9to5Mac

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