Changes to the Unicode standard means emoji now take up just two characters on Twitter. The implications are staggering.

Ryne Hager, writing for Android Police, pointed out this extremely important news, and we’re just starting to realize what this all means.

Twitter allows 280 characters per tweet. If my calculations are correct, this means you can now fit 140 emoji in a single Tweet. That’s just theory, though; let’s actually give this a shot.

Count them: that’s 140 thinky emoji, all in one tweet, allowing me to express sarcastic contemplation at an unprecedented rate. This is really going to change the way I communicate, and I’m sure you’re only beginning to realize the possibilities. Thank you for joining me in my research, and please send me as many emoji as you can, to celebrate. I’ll add your examples to the article as they come in, to further our research.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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