Getting rid of your cable box in favor of streaming everything over the Internet is a great way to save money, but it can cause some pain when you try to watch seasonal content. Football is a Thanksgiving tradition in many households, and thankfully it’s easy to watch even if you cut the cord.

Watch on a Streaming Service

Cable replacement services typically offer access to local channels like NBC, CBS, and FOX, which are the three channels broadcasting football on Thanksgiving. Each of the different services offers a free trial, but the length of the trial will vary. Also, one service may be better for you depending on what hardware you have in your home.

Watch on the NFL App

NFL Game Pass lets you watch games at any time for $99 per year. You can get a one-week free trial, and the app is available on iOS, Android, Android TV, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There’s a big caveat with this though: there are some games you can only watch on your smartphone. You also won’t be able to watch those games on the big screen with Chromecast or AirPlay. While that’s not a giant deal if you’re the only one watching, trying to get your whole family to watch on a six-inch screen just isn’t going to happen.

Buy an Over-The-Air Antenna

While you can get most content over the Internet, having a good Over-the-Air (OTA) antenna is great for shows and sporting events that are broadcast on local channels. Even the latest smart TVs will have a coaxial input to hook up an antenna, and using an antenna might be even better than trying to stream the game over the Internet: you can stream your game without competing with your kids’ tablet for Internet bandwidth, and you don’t have to worry about the stream ending because someone’s network crashed.

OTA antennas just work, so you won’t need to replace it three years down the line. You can get an antenna for as low as $15, as long as you’re close enough to your favorite stations. Certain OTA antennas will include a free trial to Sling TV, so you can use that to jump-start the rest of your cord cutting. 


While it may take some effort to consider which option lets you watch the games you want, you’ll still be able to watch football this Thanksgiving, and still save money from cutting the cord!

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