Tired of spending time inserting images, pasting data, or attaching important documents into email? Google is looking to speed up the process for you with a series of new Gmail Integrations.

These new features are meant to help make things quicker and easier for people who spend a lot of their day searching for Dropbox files (or similar services) or copying and pasting links, which can admittedly get a little old if you’re doing it often enough. With Compose Actions, you can take care of most of these actions with special Chrome Extensions right from your Gmail message draft, with little fuss.

There’s a wide variety of new Compose Actions found in Gmail Add-ons, which come in the form of Chrome Extensions you can download straight from your browser. Right now, four integrations are up for grabs for all Gmail users, including Box, Dropbox, Atlassian, and Egnyte.

Here’s an example of how you can speed things up with the Dropbox for Gmail extension and Compose Action. It’s actually very easy to do.

First, you’ll need to install the Dropbox for Gmail Chrome Extension from the G Suite Marketplace (don’t worry, you don’t need a G Suite account for this—it also works in regular Gmail).


From there, click on “Add to Chrome.” If you already have the extension installed for some reason and didn’t realize it, you’ll see “Remove from Chrome” instead. In that case, just do nothing at that screen and head to Gmail. For everyone else, click the “Add” button and the blue text will turn into “Checking…” while a dialogue box pops up notifying you of the extension’s permissions. Click the “Add extension” button at the bottom right of the box and you’ll be good to go. The installation doesn’t take very long, so you’ll be good to go in seconds.

Next, head to Gmail and open up a new message. This is probably the first time you’ll have used this extension, so you’ll see a screen notifying you of the Dropbox extension.

Click on “Get started” and you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Dropbox account. If you don’t have one, just create one and come back to this screen.

Once you’re signed in to Dropbox, you’ll see a list of the files you have available to you. Select one of the files by hitting the checkmarks near the files you want to attach and click “Choose.”

Once you’ve clicked “Choose,” your file will instantly be added to your draft. That’s it, you’re done! You can complete your message as usual from there on. In the future, when you want to get to Dropbox while in a draft again, simply click the small Dropbox “box” icon in the lineup of email formatting tools to open the window once more.

All of these new Compose Actions can be found via the G Suite Marketplace, and Google says there are more coming soon, though there’s no word on what might be coming next. Gmail can’t completely write your entire message for you just yet, but it’s trying hard to make the process as a whole much easier for you.

Source: Google Blog