How to Use Emoji in Ubuntu 18.04

Love them or hate them emoji are a fact of modern life, and now Ubuntu users can get in on the game.

Ubuntu 18.04, which came out in April, brings an emoji picker, and it’s not hard to find: you can right-click in any text field and click “Insert Emoji.”

Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+. to trigger the window directly and find an appropriate emoji for what you’re trying to say.

Note that this only works in GTK apps, so applications like Firefox, Google Chrome, and LibreOffice will not offer it. Bummer, but can always copy-paste emoji from Gedit I suppose.

Our thanks to Joey Sneddon at OMG Ubuntu for highlighting this important feature. If you disagree this feature is important, and are angry it came with your operating system, here’s how to uninstall emoji in Ubuntu.

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