With Chrome 69, Google began automatically signing you into the Chrome browser whenever you signed into a Google website like Gmail. Chrome 70, available now, has a hidden option to disable this feature.

We don’t think most Chrome users will care about this. But, if you do care, Google now gives you a choice. And that’s good news.

To find this new option, click menu > Settings in Chrome. Scroll down to the bottom of the Settings page and click “Advanced.”

Toggle the “Allow Chrome Sign-in” option here off.

If you don’t see the option here, you’re probably not using Chrome 70 yet. Click menu > Help > About Google Chrome to manually check for updates.

Relaunch Chrome when prompted and your new setting will take effect.

You can now sign in to your Google account on the web. Chrome won’t automatically sign you into the Chrome browser—just the Google website.

If you’ve previously been signed into Chrome and you want to sign out, head to menu > Settings and click the “Sign Out” button at the top of the Settings screen to sign out.