Twitter's Show latest tweets option

For the longest time, Twitter has been doing that thing where it shows “popular” tweets instead of the newest stuff. The thing is, that’s a terrible way to experience Twitter. But now you can (finally) arrange tweets chronologically.

This is a relatively new feature on both iOS and Android, but at this point, it should be available to everyone. To keep things simple, the process is identical on both platforms. Here’s the skinny.

With your Twitter open on your timeline, take a look in the upper-right corner. There should be a little star icon there. Tap that thing!

Twitter's Home Feed

A new menu will open, giving you the option to “See latest Tweets instead.” Tap that to magically, automatically, and some other “cally” get your Tweets in chronological order. The tastiest way to consume Twitter.

Show latest Tweets

If you get sick of seeing things in a way that makes sense, you’re also free to go back to the Twitter-curated method. Just tap the little star icon again, the choose the somewhat-snarkily named “Go back Home” option.

Go back home


And just like that, your tweets are back in an order that makes little-to-no sense.

Cameron Summerson Cameron Summerson
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