After many years of people complaining that we don’t use Disqus, we’ve finally decided to make the switch. So now you can give us your opinions directly on the article page using a much simpler system.

We didn’t make an immediate announcement when we switched because we wanted to see how the transition was going to go, and how annoying it would be to moderate comments on a new system that we aren’t familiar with.

Now that we have a better handle on how it all works, we’re announcing the comment system and opening the floodgates so you can start arguing about whether our articles are the worst thing you’ve ever read or the best thing you’ve ever seen. Whatever you do, avoid reasonable, thoughtful comments. Nobody online wants to look like a rational, intelligent, and helpful person.

Commenting Directly on the Article Page

The great thing about using Disqus compared to our old Discourse forum integration is that the entire commenting experience happens on the page, so if you happen to want to actually read the article you can do so before commenting, or even scroll back up to check the article while you are in the middle of a comment.

It’s not like you have to read the article before commenting, of course. That would be weird. You don’t want to be the one person leaving a comment that actually read the article, right?

We’re not loading the comments on the page by default for clutter purposes—the vast majority of people that read the article won’t actually participate in the comments, but the types of people who do are very invested. So all you have to do is click the COMMENTS(n) text below the article and Disqus will load for all your commenting needs. We’ll be integrating the comment count into the homepage list, and also adding a way to see the comment count at the top of the article.

What About Discourse? You Know, the Forum?

We’re not doing away with Discourse—-you can still participate and ask questions over there, but we’ve determined over time that we don’t have the right audience to use a separate forum for comments.

One of the biggest mistakes that I made when launching the Discourse forum was discouraging using it for tech support and trying to make it be largely for discussion around article topics.

Because of the type of articles we have historically written, there isn’t enough of a conversation to be had, and so the forum never took off. There’s a core group of people that pay attention, but most people just ignore it.

So, we’re rebooting our forum as a place for tech help. If you have a tech question that isn’t directly related to the article, ask it over on our forum.

Lowell Heddings Lowell Heddings
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