Wondering if Cambridge Analytica grabbed your data back in the day? Facebook offers a quick check.

Just head to this page and you’ll see a box labeled “Was My Information Shared?”, as shown above. My information, as you can see in the screenshot, was not grabbed, but there’s a decent chance yours was.

Cambridge Analytica grabbed data from users who logged into a “fun” personality test called “This Is Your Digital Life.” They also grabbed stuff from the friends of people who took that test, meaning your security habits alone couldn’t have protected you.

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There’s nothing much you can do if Cambridge Analytica has this data—what’s done is done. Even worse, they were far from the only people doing this at the time: most Facebook games and apps from the early 2010s had broad access to you information as well as those of your friends. Heck, even an intentionally stupid game called Cow Clicker accidentally grabbed a bunch of data. This info was often stored on servers outside of Facebook’s control, meaning Facebook can’t delete it even if they wanted to.

You can’t change what happened in the past, but you can lock down your info right now. We recommend you check your Facebook app permissions and clear out anything you’re not using.

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