It’s official: Apple is getting out of the router business. There will be no new versions of the AirPort, AirPort Extreme, or Time Capsule.

Here’s Jon Fingas, writiing for Endgadget:

An Apple spokesperson told Engadget that the company would continue to provide hardware and software support (such as patching bugs and vulnerabilities), but the devices themselves will only be available “while supplies last.”

This makes sense: Apple’s offerings were priced as premium products despite being a few years removed from the cutting edge, and there is no shortage of great routers on the market right now.

But there’s one feature no other router can match: dead simple network-based Time Machine backups. Support for the macOS backup system is important to Mac users—what are they supposed to do now? Here are a few options.

None of these are as simple as the Time Capsule, of course, but they’re the best options we know of right now. Let us know if you’ve got another.

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