Google is overhauling all its apps, and a new video gives you an idea of what that might look like. Spoiler: it’s all very white.

The video, since made private on Vimeo, starts by going over design theme and finishes with mockups for several Google products, also seen above. Here’s a mirrored copy put on YouTube by Android Police:

This is a sizzle reel by designers Damien Correll, Adam Grabowski, and Nicolo Bianchino, outside designers who have consulted with Google in the past. It’s likely that these designs aren’t final, but they’re a good indication of where things are going.

We’re concerned with how white everything is—there’s not a lot of demarcation here, which could lead to confusion about where things begin and end. Still, we’ll probably get used to the changes quickly, so whatever.¬†Thanks to Ron Amadeo at Ars Technica for pointing this video out to us.