That little icon in Google Assistant may not look like much, but it heralds a return to form for Google. Now, when you tap this new button, you’ll find something like the extremely useful Google Now.

Google Now used to be the home for all your most useful and timely information. You could find out how long your commute is, see where your packages are, and see what’s on your calendar, all before you even ask for it. Google has so much personal information on you, may as well make use of it, right?

Well, the company seemed to disagree with itself for a while. The feature evolved to focus more on a feed of news stories and eventually the at-a-glance personal information tab was pushed to the side, hidden on the Google Feed page, only if you’re using the stock Google launcher on stock Android phones (something that most Android users are not). Now, it’s making a comeback.

If you launch Google Assistant on your phone today, you’ll see an icon like the one above. Tap it and you’ll be taken to a feed of your information, prioritized by what you may need right now or in the immediate future.


While it looks a bit different from how Google Now looked back in the day, it has a lot of the same information. It shows immediate events in your upcoming future—including those pulled from email confirmations as well as your Calendar—any reminders you have set, packages you might be expecting, and more. While it’s not quite as obvious that it’s there, if you’ve been missing Google Now, this should be a welcome return.

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