Search “Google Play” for Fornite and you’ll be told it’s not available, as shown above. This is going to head off so many scammers.

Fortnite isn’t coming to Google Play, in case you didn’t know. This potentially opens the doors for scammers. We’ve pointed out app store scams in the Microsoft Store, the Mac App Store, and, of course, Google Play. The idea is usually the same:

  1. Find an app that isn’t offered in the app store, such as Microsoft Word for the Mac App Store or Google Chrome for the Microsoft Store.
  2. Make an “app” with a similar name and icon to the missing app, with a description vague enough that people think they’re buying the real thing.
  3. Leave a bunch of fake positive reviews.
  4. Watch the money flow in.

These apps are always trash, and they work because app stores never warn you that a given app isn’t available. At least, until now. Google is showing the world how to stop these parasites from getting away with it. I wish more app stores had triggers like this, so good on Google for implementing one.

Justin Pot Justin Pot
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