Google Photos’ iOS app now includes two very useful features for image-editing fanatics: a depth slider and the cool Color Pop option.

These same features were rolled out to Google Photos users on Android in early October, and now iOS users can join in on the fun. The new depth slider will give you some impressive results on photos taken in Portrait Mode, which is required for both features. Color Pop removes the color saturation from the background of your photo so the subject “pops.”

To use the new features, you need to first open up a photo or take one that you’ve used the iOS Portrait Mode with. Choose the second icon at the bottom of your screen (the one that looks like a bunch of sliders) and you’ll see a newly added option here: Depth.

You can now use this slider to change the depth of field in your photo, even after taking the photo in Portrait Mode. You can erase the depth, increase it, whatever you’d like, simply by dragging it left and right.


You can change the focus with the small circle seen in the photo. Drag or tap on the image to adjust to your liking.


Color Pop will let you tap on your image’s subject to retain its color, while the rest of the image will fade to black and white. To use it, click on the main photo icon with a picture open, and then select it from the list of filters. It should be the second in the list and clearly labeled. You’ll need to tap around or drag the circle in your photo to the right area to get the subject completely selected, but the results are quite stunning.


The depth slider and Color Pop features are rolling out to iOS users now. If it’s not showing up for you just yet, you may want to check back later, as it appears to be releasing for some users before others.