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Look, Chrome can get bogged down sometimes and be pretty slow. That sucks, so Google is working on a new mode called “Never-Slow” that should help keep Chrome snappy by blocking the biggest website resources.

Basically, the idea is that heavy resources are a pretty big burden for Chrome, which can cause it to slow down. Never-Slow Mode—which is still very much in the works—looks like it will set size limits for resources, blocking ones that are over that size. Makes sense, right?

Right. The thing is, it’s not perfect. While some website resources are superfluous garbage, the majority is put in place for a reason. When you start blocking resources, well, things break. And that’s exactly what going on with this feature right now. According to the commit, it “may silently break content,” which makes a lot of sense.

Logic would suggest that Google will need a find to way to make this work without breaking sites, because a slow site is still better than a broken site. If that can work out, we may see Never-Slow become a baked-in feature at some point. For now, however, it’s still being internally tested.

Chrome Story via Bleeping Computer

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